Workshop VHL HEN

10-11 April 2006



Workshop on the Virtual Health Library (VHL) and the Health Evidence Network (HEN)

BIREME in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Health, through the Executive Secretariat/General Information Coordination and Documentation (CGDI), and the Secretariat of  Participatory Management (SGP), the Brazilian Society of Medicine of Family and Community (SBMFC) and the Brazilian Cochrane Center, promote the Workshop on the Health  Evidence Network (HEN) and the Virtual Health Library (VHL).

The Health Evidence Network (HEN) is a network coordinated by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, involving United Nations agencies with a mandate related to health, organizations working with evidence-based health policy and health technology assessment and other governmental institutions. HEN produces and makes available reports and evidence-based summaries in order to answer matters of public health.

As representatives of WHO/Euro and instructors of the Workshop, we will have:

Learn the methodology of the Health Evidence Network (HEN) aiming its adoption, adaptation and extension of the network in Brazil and subsequently in Latin America and the Caribbe, as part of the information sources network on the VHL, including the Portal of Evidence of the VHL in development by the BIREME/PAHO/WHO.

The Workshop is not opened to the general public. Representatives of public health institutions of Brazil are invited to participate: the Ministry of Health, the CNS, CONASS, and CONASEMS council, the Brazilian Society of Medicine of Family and Community, the Brazilian Association of Collective Health, the Brazilian Cochrane Center, schools of medicine of Brazilian universities (UFMG, USP, UNIFESP, UFRGS and UFSC), CAPES and the Secretariat of Health of São Paulo State.

The workshop will be held on April 10th and 11th, from 9am to 5:30pm, in São Paulo in the HOTEL GREEN PLACE, located in the Street Dr. Diogo de Faria, number 1201. Telephone: 11 5081-9150

Presentations and working groups

English and Portuguese, with simultaneous translation service