III Congreso Mundial de usuarios ISIS

14/09/2008 a 16/09/2008

Peter Hessels

KIT  - Netherlands

Peter Hessels works for the Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands (KIT) , an independent centre of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation. The Institute’s activities focus on capacity building in developing countries, teaching, research and education and generating and transferring knowledge and expertise.

Peter Hessels has a background in ICT for over 20 years. In these years he has had several positions, both technical and managerial, from technical system management to general ICT management. Peter combines practical technical knowledge with understanding business processes.
The roots in ICT are in the publishing sector, in both print and electronic publishing. Knowledge of (web-)publishing technologies has been acquired in several positions within a leading international publishing company.

After jobs in retail business Peter started working for KIT in 2003 at the “Information and Library Services” department, working wi th lib rary management systems, virtual knowledge communities, content management, website development and ICT4D. He did missions to Ghana, advising on the development of a virtual library on the internet for a geographically dispersed organisation. He is working currently with several organizations in Suriname, working on information management and a project in South Africa.

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