III Congreso Mundial de usuarios ISIS

14/09/2008 a 16/09/2008

Egbert de Smet

Information and Library Science, University of Antwerp  - Belgium


  • University degree (MA) in Political and Social Sciences (1978)
  • Ph.D. in ‘Information and Library Science’ (1993)
  • Experience as ‘assistant’ and scientific researcher in ‘the production of culture’ (education, cultural sector e.g. literature, books - libraries) 1978 – 1981
  • Co-ordinator of the programme ‘MA in Inf. & Lib. Science’ since 1983, Antwerp University
  • Training manager for INASP, from 2005.

Personal page: http://www.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=egbert.desmet


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