III World Meeting of ISIS users

14/09/2008 a 16/09/2008

Adalberto Tardelli


Since 1995, Adalberto Tardelli is an international civil servant of the Pan-American Health Organization, World Health Organization, working at the Latin American and Caribbean Center for Health Information (BIREME) as Database and Software Specialist. He participated actively in the development of CISIS Interface, the software used worldwide for databases operation including the SciELO open access journals and VHL-Virtual Health Library platform. Currently manages the operation of information sources of the VHL central site and the MeSH compatible health terminology Descriptors in Health Sciences (DeCS). In prior work, has coordinated the brazilian working group for health terminology and implemented several health indicat ors information systems. Adalberto Tardelli holds a BS in Computer Science from University of Campinas and a MSc in Health Informatics from the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil.

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